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Month: January, 2012

ClubProject !

Years ago me and my friend Ashkan started a project to develop a framework for online card-based game and we called it club project.

During that project both of us experienced and learned a lot of concepts such as pair-programming , test driven development , concurrency , some Java technologies ,pattern based development, game development , state machines and ….( I think the most important thing that we both learned was not to over design a system)

I really enjoyed that project and enjoyed developing and learning with and from Ashkan.

Today, for a project in the University of Manchester I’ve chosen to develop a card-based game and I’m going to re-implement some part of that project again in Ruby (last time it was in Java).And I hope to enjoy as much as the time that I was developing with him.

This time I’m going to develop in the open source way using GitHub.Therefore, I’m going to post the project link here soon.For 6 weeks I cannot let anyone to contribute because its University project and I have to develop it individually but after it I’ll be happy to see someone interested specially see Ashkan to contribute. During this period , anyone who finds this project interesting can  fork/clone the project.



I’ve seen few videos on YouTube which demonstrates the SiriProxy project.
For those who doesn’t know what that is , it is a Ruby program which lets you control and change the results of Siri request in your local network (?) .
For example you want Siri to turn the heater or boiler in your house on or off , but you know that Apple doesn’t know any information about your heater so, whats the solution ?

Before telling you the solution I have to mention how does Siri works:

First , you speak and ask Siri a request , like “What is the status of my Boiler?”

There is a built in speech recognition software in the iPhone 4s device which process your question and change the voice to a text.

Then , your phone send that text to  Apple servers to process your request and return the results.

when the results come back to your device , Siri application shows it in a good way to you.


That is the general scenario , but what SiriProxy doing is bypassing the step that the phone sends data to Apple server (Bold step) . Program tries to read the request sent from your phone and instead of sending it to Apple server try to respond it with its own resources. You can use boilers or heaters which provide APIs to get their status and connect them to your proxy program as its resources.

Thats what this guy has done using SiriProxy.

Its interesting for me to implement a software which works with SiriProxy , but I don’t have any idea yet if you have one tell me maybe we can work it out.

Banging KDE on Ubuntu!

Finally , I switched to KDE desktop , I’ve downloaded KDE desktop manager for my Ubuntu and right now I’m using it. the whole process was extremely easy just a simple “sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop”
It seems more fun , since I didn’t get used to the ubuntu unity , the KDE seems more rational and nice to me .
Try it if you are not satisfied with Unity …


I’m back

From now on I’ll write my posts here in English.

Why ?

First of all I need to improve my English in someway , so I believe this will be the first step. ( please post comments on my mistakes )

Another reason for that is my friends here in Manchester can see what am I writing.


Right now I’m busy with the first semester exams of the MSc course.But I have a lot of things to write and there may be some changes between the posts before and things I’m going to write here . Just wait and you will see

And please wish me luck with the exams 🙂