Google code jam 2012 Qualification Round

Today I was coding for Google code jam.

It was my first experience on this competition. And hopefully I’ve got qualified to participate for the next level.

In this level I had to solve 2 problems from 4 problems to get qualified.
I’ve solve 3 out of 4. the last one needed to think alot and I was really tired.It was about the mirrors and I wish that I could remember the mirror fomulas which I have learned while i was studying in the first year of high school.
Each question (except the first one) had 2 parts: first with small data set and second with large dataset.
To be able to solve the problems with large data set you should have to optimize your algorithm to find the answers quickly. some times you had to find a shortcut and not to solve the problems completely.

By the way, I was really enjoying the moments. it was more fun that I expected.
But they didn’t let us to post in the IRC channel so it decreased the fun.