Friday Hack Nights


I’m about to finish my masters course in the Manchester and fortunately I’ve got a nice nice job here.

My plan is to work on few side projects while I’m working and preferably they are going to be open source projects. So, finally my Github account is going to be active after all.

I have few ideas in my mind to work on and one of them will be pure experiment which might lead to publish a a scientific paper. This project is related to text mining and linguistics and I have no idea how the output might looks like and as far as I’ve checked there has not been any similar works before. I’d like to apply things I’ve learned in my masters course on this project.

However, beside this project I’d like to do some hacking and coding on different areas to keep myself on shape and satisfy my curiosity. I have three ideas to work on here.

  • A project around BitCoin. If you haven’t had time to check out BitCoin now go and check it, it is really cool way to transfer money.
  • The other project is about sending and receiving parcels in a new way.
  • The latest geeky project is around my Raspberry Pi that I’ve talked about before.

My plan is to work on these projects on Friday nights and that’s the reason I’ve called them “Friday Hack Nights”. Feel free to join me on twitter with #FridayHackNights .

I’d like to write about my findings frequently here, but as you might have already understood I’m too lazy for writing. So, lets hope and see what will happen.
Just a quick update about my RaspBerry Pi: I’ve used RaspBMC for converting my RP to a media centre and it works almost perfectly and nearly stable. I’m writing a plugin for that which I’ll publish soon.

I have an idea of making my RaspBMC to work with Siri then I can talk to my Raspberry Pi which is kind of cool and super geeky!

Wish me luck with my studies and my loads of ideas.

ps. If you are in Manchester don’t forget to check HackManchester