I’ve seen few videos on YouTube which demonstrates the SiriProxy project.
For those who doesn’t know what that is , it is a Ruby program which lets you control and change the results of Siri request in your local network (?) .
For example you want Siri to turn the heater or boiler in your house on or off , but you know that Apple doesn’t know any information about your heater so, whats the solution ?

Before telling you the solution I have to mention how does Siri works:

First , you speak and ask Siri a request , like “What is the status of my Boiler?”

There is a built in speech recognition software in the iPhone 4s device which process your question and change the voice to a text.

Then , your phone send that text to  Apple servers to process your request and return the results.

when the results come back to your device , Siri application shows it in a good way to you.


That is the general scenario , but what SiriProxy doing is bypassing the step that the phone sends data to Apple server (Bold step) . Program tries to read the request sent from your phone and instead of sending it to Apple server try to respond it with its own resources. You can use boilers or heaters which provide APIs to get their status and connect them to your proxy program as its resources.

Thats what this guy has done using SiriProxy.

Its interesting for me to implement a software which works with SiriProxy , but I don’t have any idea yet if you have one tell me maybe we can work it out.