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ClubProject !

Years ago me and my friend Ashkan started a project to develop a framework for online card-based game and we called it club project.

During that project both of us experienced and learned a lot of concepts such as pair-programming , test driven development , concurrency , some Java technologies ,pattern based development, game development , state machines and ….( I think the most important thing that we both learned was not to over design a system)

I really enjoyed that project and enjoyed developing and learning with and from Ashkan.

Today, for a project in the University of Manchester I’ve chosen to develop a card-based game and I’m going to re-implement some part of that project again in Ruby (last time it was in Java).And I hope to enjoy as much as the time that I was developing with him.

This time I’m going to develop in the open source way using GitHub.Therefore, I’m going to post the project link here soon.For 6 weeks I cannot let anyone to contribute because its University project and I have to develop it individually but after it I’ll be happy to see someone interested specially see Ashkan to contribute. During this period , anyone who finds this project interesting can  fork/clone the project.



I’m back

From now on I’ll write my posts here in English.

Why ?

First of all I need to improve my English in someway , so I believe this will be the first step. ( please post comments on my mistakes )

Another reason for that is my friends here in Manchester can see what am I writing.


Right now I’m busy with the first semester exams of the MSc course.But I have a lot of things to write and there may be some changes between the posts before and things I’m going to write here . Just wait and you will see

And please wish me luck with the exams 🙂